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Are you looking to advertise on a Barlett Media platform? Then you have come to the right place. Some options you have for advertising are by placing an advertisement on Jeff Barlett CDs that will be distributed door to door to help Promote Barlett Media or by having Barlett Media distribute door hangers door to door to help promote your business. Please also contact Jeff Barlett at 469-785-9966 if you are looking to advertise with Barlett Media or you can submit the contact us form at Please continue reading to learn more about advertising with Barlett Media.

Door Hanger Distribution Services:

Here at Barlett Media you can advertise your business by paying to have your door hangers distributed in your area. As of right now Barlett Media is in the process of planning on developing rates for Door Hanger Distribution in The Dallas Fort Worth Area. The plan is to charge approximately 20 cents per door hanger distributed but prices are likely to change depending on what area your located in. You will be required to provide your own door hangers with this service. *Due to the Dallas/Fort Worth Area being a large area with many different cities with different ordinances it may be possible for me to need to obtain a permit in your city before distributing handbills in your city depending on the jurisdiction. So please be patient in the process if I need to check for any kind of permitting requirements in your area before distributing. If you do have any questions about discussing door hanger distribution rates please contact Jeff at 469-785-9966 if you are interested in door hanger distribution services.

See Your Logo Distributed Door To Door printed on The Jeff Barlett Gospel Songs E.P.

As you can see in the image below I have an advertising plan where I can distribute my CD’s attached to a door hanger where potential customers will see your logo and phone number on my CD every time they decide to listen to it. Why you should you place an advertisement on my CD? Unlike a traditional door hanger that usually will be thrown out a CD is more likely going to be kept by someone who is willing to listen to it so how cool would it be if someone was able to see your advertisement every time they played my CD in their CD player. Do people still listen to CD’s? Yes, they sure do especially when they receive it as a free gift with some gospel songs that I record with real instruments unlike all the noise some kids listen to these days. So how much does it cost? Please call Jeff Barlett at 469-785-9966 and he would be happy to discuss some pricing options with you. *Barlett Media distributes these CD’s as part of a way to promote The Door hanger business and tries to make the best effort possible to avoid distributing to the same houses in a short period of time in order to help promote the business to new faces and to avoid sending the same person the same CD over and over again so this service is limited to areas I have not yet distributed CD’s to.

Barlett Media Door Hanger Distribution Rate Sheet

Place your AD on Jeff Barlett Gospel Songs CDS

Currently Charging $4 per CD Distributed with your logo on it due to high cost of producing CDs at this time, $100 Minimum Applies

Door Hanger Distribution (Does Not Include Printing Services) $25 Minimum per region

20 Cents Per Door Hanger Service Area


Haltom City

North Richland Hills


North Fort Worth (N of 820 W of 35)

*If you don’t see your service area listed Barlett Media does not service your area at this time but is open to negotiation for higher rates.

If you are wanting door hangers printed or designed Barlett Media can refer you to a local printing company to get your door hangers printed.

*Barlett Media reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and the right to raise rates as needed at any time.

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