It Is Time To Bring Back Old Sparky!

Hello everyone and today’s article is going to be about why we should bring back the electric chair also known as Old Sparky. Since we constantly hear about all these mass shootings in the news I would like to say that we need to start enforcing the death penalty to deter these wannabe mass shooters from committing these crimes. Here in Texas we rank #1 in executions and this is a good thing because people will think twice before killing someone if they know that their crime is going to result in them facing the death penalty. Also here in Texas we support enforcing the 2nd Amendment by the book so this also gives these wannabe criminals something to think about but the sad truth is that “Gun Free Zones” still exist and have become a target for mass shooters especially in states that do a poor job at enforcing the death penalty. In my opinion we need to start giving these convicted murders the chair the moment they are convicted and send them straight to Hell where they belong. The news media should also stop turning these mass murders into famous celebrities so they can bring about what they did to their gang banging friends while in prison and start reporting news stories of these mass murders getting the death penalty so we can deter these mass murders. Maybe public executions ain’t a bad idea to teach these mass murders a lesson. Plus any criminal who murders a correctional officer or prison staff member while in custody needs to get the chair ASAP because there are way to many stories out there where an inmate kills a correctional officer where the inmate has nothing to lose because they are already serving a life sentence. I also feel that we need to reform our justice system and enforce the death penalty for all convicted murders including 2nd degree murders and people who commit voluntary manslaughter because murder is still murder and the punishment should be getting the chair. I once had a grandfather who was killed by a drunk driver back in 1990 about 5 years before I was born and I never got to meet my grandfather because some idiot decided to kill him by drinking and driving and guess what happened? He got a slap on the writs with a 15 year sentence and got out early for so called “Good Behavior” while my grandfather is dead in the grave and I never got to meet him. Then you have people convicted of federal non violent crimes and other kinds of non violent crimes that get them 15 to 20 years while a convicted murder gets 10 to 15 years. That is definitely unfair isn’t it? These convicted murders need to get the chair and sent straight to Hell where they belong. No more last luxury last meal request, No more giving them a free pass over a dumb insanity plea, and No more 10 to 15 year prison terms for a convicted killer. The only justification for taking someones life should be when someone is doing so to protect their own life or the life of someone else and maybe mercy killings where a doctor assists a dying patient to end their lives but these should be the only justifications for taking the life of another person. FYI we need to start enforcing the 2nd amendment by the book because the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Thank you for reading and God Bless.

The Barlett Online