If Your So Worried About “Climate Change” Then Maybe You Should Get A Horse NOT An Electric Car.

Hello to all my crazy friends on the radical left who believe that “Electric Cars” and “Advancements in Technology” are somehow the solution to “Climate Change.” Did you know that strip mining for electric car batteries is actually bad for the environment? It sure makes us all wonder how much damage they are actually doing to the environment with all the parts they import from china with “Advances in Technology” so they can automate our jobs away to machines and not forgetting to mention all the fossil fuels burned from the needed back up generators used to power all them windmills to make the electricity needed to power up all of this technology. I am starting to believe that all of this has nothing to do with “Protecting The Environment” and has a lot more to do with government mass surveillance systems. Maybe this is why big tech social media companies like to fact check and censor people when it comes to “Climate Chance” because this is part of their new evil plan for the radical elites to take over the world and try to control our lives. If people really cared so much about the environment they would buy a horse and start putting their faith in God who made this world and not in technology that has helped destroy the environment. Plus it sure would be very good for the environment and hard for the government to track us if we all started riding horses again like in the 1800s. Maybe if people really cared about the environment we would go back to replanting the trees that have been cut down from all the strip mining done to make technology instead of pushing for Agenda 2030, Universal Basic Incomes, Social Credit Systems, Mass Government Surveillance, and RFID Chips which of course are all bad for the environment and for humanity. So how if the government tries something stupid like tell use buy electric cars and tell us we can’t drive our gas powered cars because they are creating a new global crisis so they can push their radical Agenda 2030 we decide to form some Amish Communities and start riding horses again. You know that if you ride a horse you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on gas and all these radical left climate change activist will learn some form of responsibility when they take care of their horse because owning a horse is a lot of work. Yes, I said work because these radical left activist need to go back to work and if they all start riding horses to protect the environment they will learn two important lessons. 1st lesson is that electric cars and technology are bad for the environment. 2nd lesson is the value of hard work and why automating our jobs to technology is wrong. So please buy yourself a horse if you truly care about the environment because those stupid electric cars and self driving cars are not only bad for the environment but are just another way for the government to do mass surveillance and attempt to control our lives. Thank you for reading and God Bless.

The Barlett Online