How Dictatorships Form? Why America Is In Serious Need of Ballot Access Reform Laws?

Hello everyone and today’s article is going to be about how dictatorships are formed and why ballot access reform is badly needed in The United States of America and probably in the rest of the world as well. One thing I want to note as a very important thing to say is that BALLOT ACCESS NEEDS TO BE REFORMED ASAP because many states especially Arizona have some crazy laws making harder for candidates to obtain ballot access. Recently The GOP in many states have created laws that make it harder for opposing candidates to obtain ballot access. Some example may include excessive signature requirements, no option to pay a filing fee as an alternative to collecting signatures, excessively high filing fees, no public funding options for candidates in most states, Canceling Presidential Primary Elections (Lookup Arizona 2020 GOP Presidential Primary), tough ballot access laws for political parties (Look up a lawsuit where The Texas Libertarian Party is taking legal action over The State of Texas trying to make ballot access difficult for political parties), and of course rigged polls and rigged debates by not allowing 3rd party candidates on the debate stage. (Look up how they did not let Dr. Jo Jorgensen on the debate stage in The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election when the people protested for her to be on the debate stage and Donald Trump even missed a debate. FYI Dr. Jo Jorgensen was also on the ballot in ALL 50 states and they still did not allow her to debate.) Below I have made a list of common ways dictatorships rise to power and a list of what we can do to prevent a dictator from obtaining power. Hopefully this article will help educate you about how dictators come to power and what we can do to prevent a dictatorship. Thank you for reading and God Bless.

Common Way Dictators Rise To Power:

Gaining massive support of the people with Personality Cults especially during hard economic times of trouble. (Please keep a close eye on Donald Trump as he is viewed as the man who can fix everything by people. He rose to power after a poor economy during The Obama Administration and the economic problems of The Biden Administration are likely to arise more personally cults similar to Trump as troubled times usually lead to some dangerous manipulative personality cult leaders who are viewed as the guy who can fix everything.

Using bogus legalistic laws in order to arrest their political opponents and in some extreme cases these political opponents are executed.

Passing bogus legalistic laws (The Patriot Act is a good example of one of these bogus legalistic laws, Also keep an eye on The Model Penal Code and various state and local governments that will criminalize the dumbest pettiest little things and will have some crazy sentencing laws.

Obtaining power though violent means. (Donald Trump tried to do this when he lost the 2020 Presidential Election)

Instilling fear into the people: Dictators will use fear as a means of obtaining power. (Keep a very close eye on how politicians have used the Coronavirus pandemic to obtain power especially with the use of emergency powers that should have never been given to them.)

Making Ballot Access Difficult for opposing candidates (Please keep a close eye on Arizona with some crazy signature requirements for candidates to obtain ballot access, Also keep an eye on a Texas lawsuit with The Libertarian Party trying to fight their right to remain on the ballot in Texas because it appears the GOP leadership in GOP controlled states are trying to remain in power by making ballot access more difficult for opposing candidates.)

Rigged Elections: Yes, even in dictatorships they hold elections but they are rigged. Common ways are passing crazy ballot access laws to keep the opposition off the ballot, making it harder for people to vote such as immigrants, felons, or people of a certain ethnic group. (Keep an eye on The 2000 U.S. Presidential Election and The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election also keep a very close eye on state and local races Especially Arizona right now.)

Creating a scapegoat to portray as the enemy such as Trumps anti Hispanic or anti Muslim propaganda, Biden’s Russophobic propaganda, Hitlers anti-Semitic propaganda against the Jewish people, or George Bushes war on terror against the Iraqi people propaganda and then later starting a conflict to induce a sense of Nationalism to build more support for these charismatic nut personality cult leaders.

Giving a leader emergency powers: The Coronavirus pandemic is the perfect example of how things can go very badly when too much power is given in the hands of a leader. Adolf Hitler also declared a state of Emergency to obtain power when he was Chancellor of Germany. I personally like to share with people a clip from The Movie Star Wars where Jar Jar gives Palpatine emergency powers because it is the perfect example of how things can go bad very quickly when someone is given too much power. What governments need to do is reform their laws to prevent one person or a small group of people from have too much power during a crisis and pass some laws to protect peoples individual liberties during a crisis situation.

Using the media to spread propaganda: This is happening in America on both sides of the aisle right now and what will eventually happen is that one party will gain control over the country and eventually will shut down free speech for the political opposition.

Censoring freedom of speech: This is probably the most obvious way a dictatorship will rise to power. (Keep a close eye on big tech companies as they can use their power to attempt to control the information that you see by rigged algorithms. Sooner or later these big tech companies are going to have a ton of influence over politicians in power if they don’t already (Tech companies are practically becoming political parties with their CEO as the party leader). FYI Please also share this article on social media so more people can see it because chances are is that social media will rig the algorithms so people wont see this article when I post it online. Helpful Tip: Text messaging this article to your friends can be a helpful way to share this article as well.)

Ways we can prevent The United States from becoming a dictatorship:

Always remain peaceful because it is not only the right thing to do but through out history violent coups have always lead to dangerous dictators rising to power.

Prioritize term limit laws and ballot access reform laws because this will help give more candidates the opportunity to run for public office and will help keep power in the hands of the people.

Pass some criminal justice reform and sentencing reform laws to help prevent our government from being to legalistic, to help better the lives of the people, and to prevent dangerous power hungry people from arresting their political opponents.

Pass some laws to grant people access to public healthcare along with other general welfare needs such as education and jobs because when the people are not getting their basic needs met you open the door for a potential dictator AKA personality cults to find a solution to fill these needs for the people. (Don’t forget about the fact the before Donald Trump was elected President unemployment was very high. What Donald Trump did was restore peoples jobs while he used Anti Mexico and Anti China propaganda as a scapegoat to obtain his power to the White House. FYI Adolf Hitler did something very similar when Germany was suffering after WW1 due to being stuck paying for the war which is the mistake the allied countries made that led to Hitlers rise to power and WW2.)

Avoid having a 1 party or 2 party system as this is one of the easiest ways for a dictatorship to form as power is in the hands of a small handful of the people.

Support 3rd parties (a 4 or 5 party system would be even better as more power would be in the hands of the people) and don’t underestimate their ability to win. Sadly in America the people have put their faith in the 2 party system which has resulted in at times where only 1 political party has complete control over the government. For example right now The Democrats control congress, they control The White House, and all they need to do is pack the Supreme Court for complete control over the government. The Same situation happen when Trump was in office when Republicans had complete control over the country with control of The White House, Control over Congress, Control over The Supreme Court, Control Over a Majority of State Legislative Bodies, and Control over a majority of state governors.

Educate the people as much as possible on this topic. It is much harder to enslave an educated society then an uneducated society. Why do you think slave owners in the 1800’s did not allow their slaves to read books? Probably because if they became educated they would have a much harder time enslaving the people. (Keep a very close eye on how our education system has been dumbing down things and pushing a radical woke agenda into the public school system. Also keep a close eye on all the propaganda that is being pushed in the public school system.)

Watch Out for personality cults especially in troubling economic times or in times of crisis. (Donald Trump is a good example of this by fixing many economic problems that occurred during The Obama Administration.)

Whatever you do, Don’t allow either one person or one group of people such as a political party, a religion, an organization, or corporation have too much power over our lives.

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