Why a Divided Congress is Good For America?

Hello everyone and today is January 3rd the day where the newly elected members of congress have taken office to begin their terms. Today I am going to explain in this article why it is a very good thing that one party does not have absolute control of congress for the next two years. First let me point out that dictatorships are commonly formed when one party has absolute control over the government. It was not a good thing for The Democrats to be controlling congress for the past 2 years while Joe Biden was abusing his authority as President just like when Donald Trump was abusing his authority as President when The Republicans had control over Congress, The Presidency, and The US Supreme Court. The Founding Fathers of America created a system of checks and balances for a reason in order to prevent situations where a small group of people have absolute control over the government. In my opinion it would be even better if we broke up the 2 party system and had a multi party system where no party has absolute control over a chamber of Congress to help create more checks and balances and to give more power back to the people.

Here is a solution to fix this mess in the 2 party system. First is that people need to be speaking up for some ballet access reformed because the most effective way to rig an election is to not have one in the first place. In many states like Arizona for example candidates need to collect an excessive number of signatures in order to get their name placed on the ballot while in other states like Texas for example ballot access is very simple for non partisan local candidates thankfully because they only need to pay a small filing fee usually around $50-$100 to be placed on the ballot but if a new political party at the state level wanted to be recognized they would have a lot of hoops they would need to jump through. Did you know that in North Korea they actually hold elections, mandate the people to vote, but there is only 1 name on the ballot in North Korea? That should really get you to really think about the fact that ballot access needs to be reformed so the people should really be speaking up about this because it is a more important issue then you would think.

The next thing that needs to be done is the people need to stop believing in the false narrative that a 3rd party candidate or write in candidate can not win because it is not true. In 1998 Reform Party Jesse Ventura became Governor of Minnesota and in 1860 Abe Lincoln became the 1st Republican President when The Republican Party was considered a 3rd party at the time. People should also stop strategically voting for candidates they think will likely win and vote for the candidates they actually like because if you can predicate the likely outcome of an election before the people actually vote then you have a serious problem with democracy in this country. But then in Arizona they decide the elections long before the people get to vote on election day because only the candidates with the large excessive amount of signatures are going to be on your ballot and that usually means the candidates with the most money which brings me to my next point. Campaign Finance Reform Is Definitely Needed.

As much as I criticize Arizona’s ballot access issue they do however have one thing going for them and that is giving the candidates the ability to raise public funds because too many times in American elections politicians are corrupted and bought off by corporate lobbyist. Mainly big pharma and the military industrial complex. Some other good ideas besides publicly funded elections is to put a limit on candidates spending to help level the playing field and to give candidates fair time on media and public debates. There also needs to be some constitutional amendments passed to grant the people public access to health care because it is essential and big pharma wont be able to corrupt congress as easily. Don’t also forget that the current U.S. Constitution where The President can’t go to war without congressional approval also needs to be enforced to make it to where the military industrial complex can start all these crazy wars anymore including proxy wars that the US should have no involvement in. I hope this article gives you some useful information. Thank you for reading and God Bless.

The Barlett Online