How I handle being guilt tripped by vegans who call me an “Animal Abuser” because I like to eat my meat.)

Hello everyone my name is Jeff Barlett and I am a comedy satire blogger for The Barlett Online which is a website I made to make jokes, to stand up for the canceled society, to debunk some crazy conspiracy theories, to fact check the media, to express myself, and vent when I need to. Today’s article is going to me about a funny meme I made to post on the internet for people to see. As you may know in my day in age we are stuck living in a crazy woke society where people will cancel you for just about anything and guilt trip you if you don’t conform to their so called standards.

So as many people already know I post a lot of stuff on social media so I can express self which is complete normal in this day in age. I am a member of a lot of social media groups and forums which I happened to already be banned from a lot of them as well because people who run these groups don’t like what I say and try to censor me along with all the shadow banning going on with all the big tech social media companies. One of these groups I am still a member of is called “Free Speech Vegan Group” and thankfully I have not been banned from this group just yet but there is always that possibility that I may be banned some time in the future for posting this article and for the selfie I just took today to poke fun at woke mob run society. So what has been going on in this free speech vegan group? Well the type of stuff you would expect from a rich white woke vegan group and that is people guilt tripping each other for not being Vegan enough. I got so sick and tired of all the woke cancel culture crap going on in this group to the point where I decided to call all this nonsense out and tell them all this time I been posting in your group I am not really a vegan and I never will be vegan because I like my T-Bone Steak and Eggs. Then of course these crazy’s decided to guilt trip me and call me an “Animal Abuser.” FYI they really hated my “Don’t buy an Electric Car, Ride a Horse Article” because they see the idea of a human riding a horse as “Animal Abuse.”

Recently I saw a post in this group made by some lady who was criticizing another vegan group online which even had a label for Rich, White, and Skinny Vegans and it just cracked me up because I am a working class American who has grown up poor my whole life and I thought it was funny because most people who engage in woke society are usually a bunch of rich white snobs who don’t like working class poor people like me. So I tried to stand up for this lady and invite her to my conspiracy theorist group but as excepted she declined the offer to join my group of over 18 thousand online members and called me a nutcase when all I am doing is standing up for someone who has been canceled by their own people. I decided to even go check out this group and they had a bunch of interesting questions I had to answer in order to join so here are my responses below. I think they will love my response to their questions and even if I don’t get in to their online white elite woke rich snob vegan club I think their admins will get a good laugh when they see I how responded to their questions.)

Who did you hear about this group from? Name them. If you have an alt account in here, name them.

“Oh, From a someone who is posting about how they got banned from your crazy woke group and now is calling out your nonsense in another group. Don’t worry I am the admin of a big conspiracy theorist group and I am working class who laughs at the rich.”

How long have you been vegan?

“I love Bacon it is very tasty.)”

Name your favorite bird. (This is my favorite question)

“Chicken because it is very tasty to eat.) Yum.”

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