Anti-American Exceptionalism Social Media Rant

“People will call me a hypocrite because I speak out in support for Russian because I talk to a beautiful Russian lady, I oppose war, I oppose violence, I oppose sanctions, and I oppose how the media spreads lies about Russia. Lets talk about America. What country has a bunch of atheist going around publicly attacking Christian values? What country has a bunch of people in the LGBT cult who go around attacking traditional Christian values and tries to brainwash people in our society to accept their sinful ways? What country made this judgmental idea called cancel culture popular where people publicly bully each other and put shame on others when in fact we are all sinners in the eyes of The Lord? What country has a bunch of atheist who go around attacking God in every area by trying to remove God from the pledge, and from the dollar bills? What country removed prayer in schools by a Supreme Court decision in 1962? If you answered the United States of America, Then you are correct.

I don’t hate America, This country was founded for people to immigrate here from many different cultures to live the American Dream and this country has a constitution to help protect our liberties; But one thing I really hate in this country is American Exceptionalism. The United States of America is NOT the only so called free country in the world. And by the way Jesus was not an America he was born in Bethlehem which is currently located in modern day Palestine. Jesus also spoke out against being judgmental, and Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers. So this idea that America is better then anyone else is wrong. The idea of supporting these wars is wrong because war is not peaceful, and war is wickedness. There are mentions in the Bible where God blesses the land and curses the land depending on how faithful we are to The Lord. Which way are we headed?

So all of you trolls who like to call me a hypocrite need to open up your Bibles and start reading. The Bible teaches to make peace, love your enemies, and to not be judgmental. ☮︎ God Bless…”

The Barlett Online