How To Rig An Election In The State of Arizona?

Hi, everyone have you ever considered the idea of running for public office in The State of Arizona? Well I got some bad news for you because in Arizona The GOP has a lot of say and control over who even gets to be a candidate on the ballot. But if your still interested in running for office in Arizona just keep on reading so you can learn how you too can be a part of all the corruption in this GOP controlled one party state.

Step Number One: is make ballot access as difficult and impossible as you can image. Did you know that in Apache Junction, Arizona the number of signatures required to obtain ballot access was increase from 232 signatures required in 2018, to 269 signatures required in 2020, to 705 signatures required to obtain ballot access in 2022. Did you know that in 2022 two city council candidates resigned to run for other offices in Apache Junction, Arizona and 15 people applied for those 2 vacancies but only 4 candidates were actually listed on the ballot in 2022 so this should really tell you that something is seriously wrong with the ballot access system in Arizona. If someone wants to run for city council or Mayor of Fort Worth, Texas they only need to pay a $100 filing fee and their name will be listed on the ballot which is a normal thing to see in Texas except for when political parties are being suppressed in the state making it harder for 3rd parties to obtain ballot access in statewide races along with lots of money and gerrymandering so the Texas GOP can remain in power of their one party controlled state. In fact The Texas Libertarian Party is currently in a court ballot over this issue. But this article is mainly about Arizona so lets continue about some of the craziness with Arizona elections. If you want to run for a statewide office in Arizona such as Governor, Sec. of State, Attorney General, or a member of The Corporation Commission you would need to collect at least 7,000 signatures if your running as a Democrat or Republican exact amount would be 7,378 for Republicans in 2022 and 7,035 for Democrats in 2020 but if you want to run Libertarian you would need to collect 3,715 signatures just to obtain ballot access in the primary election. These numbers are very excessive for the candidates in the 3 recognized political parties and no party recognition is given to other parties such as Green Party, Constitution Party, or Reform Party (Probably because The AZ GOP Hates 3rd Parties) so if you want to run independent for statewide office you better be ready to collect at least 43,492 signatures to obtain ballot access and don’t forget about the fact that it is also not uncommon in Arizona for signatures to be challenged in Arizona as well. Arizona is also a very woke state so also don’t be surprised if some radical people attempt to protest to have your name taken off the ballot because they don’t like you as a candidate and don’t have the courage to allow you to run probably because they are afraid that you can win if you are listed on the ballot in their woke mob run state.

Step Number Two: is to get leaders of your party to cancel The Presidential Primary if you don’t like the fact that you have opposition in your party if your running for President. This is exactly what Former President Donald Trump did when he had Arizona GOP leadership cancel The 2020 Arizona Republican Primary Election when he was challenged by former Governor Bill Weld and former Congressman Joe Walsh. It is funny how Donald Trump made claims of voter fraud when he failed to accept the results of The 2020 General Election when he was defeated by Joe Biden because Trump stole a primary election in Arizona along with many other states. It seems like these days that the best way to rig an election is simply to not have one or just make sure that you have only one candidate running so that candidate can easily win like in many dictatorships around the globe.

Step Number Three: is to have a much of woke mobsters count the ballots so they can play around with the votes of the candidate that they don’t like. I sure wonder why it takes a very long time for people to count votes in Arizona and my guess is that you have a bunch of Karen’s and woke mobsters counting your ballots and are looking for anyway that they can to find ways to tilt the election in their favor. I am sure some Karen counting your ballots is likely going to pull at least something stupid magic trick when given the opportunity if they don’t like the way you voted for a candidate that they don’t like. Another thing that always raises my concerns is that when a recount does happen is that the results of a recount never match exactly to the exact number of the first count. In a true democracy if a candidate received 135,078 votes the original count would show that candidate received 135,078 votes and if there was a recount the number would still be 135,078 votes and would never change. But this rarely ever seems to happen so if they can’t seem to figure out how to count the votes and get the exact same totals in both counts it is a sure sign that someone is a complete idiot and doesn’t know how to count or that someone is playing around with your vote in some way. So make sure to be speaking up when something seems very suspicious during a vote count and if your a candidate make sure to have poll watchers on duty at all times to make sure nobody tries anything stupid.

Step Number Four: is to mail out ballots all over the place without verifying if these people are even registered to vote. In Pinal County, Arizona there was a recent incident where ballots were mailed to the wrong people and it caused some chaos in the election. Election day was held on August 2nd, 2022 and today is August 6, 2022 and they still have not fully counted all the votes with 100% precincts reporting which raises my concern about the possibility of someone playing around with your votes if you live in Pinal County, Arizona. In my opinion something just does not seem right about this situation in Pinal County, Arizona.

Step Number Five: is to look for any and everyday you can to suppress the vote. Have you ever heard of the term “No Taxation Without Representation.” Well not in Arizona because if your a legal residing green card holder, a convicted felon, incarcerated, been found mentally incompetent by the courts, or have been previously dishonorably discharged in the military you can’t vote in Arizona. This is a sure way to suppress the vote and might even lead to a fascist police state which Arizona just happens to be probably so they can pass some dumb crazy laws to have you arrested so you no longer legally vote in their state. Do you know of any other dictatorships around the world that do crazy stuff like this?

So these are just five ways to rig an election in The State of Arizona if you dream of becoming a ruthless fascist dictator someday like Donald Trump or many other leaders in GOP one party states like Arizona then this is the perfect article to read to call you out on your crap. Please share this article with your friends so we can get the word out about all the crap that goes in in American elections today because it ain’t just Arizona which is just the tip of the iceberg of all this rigged election crap that is going on in this country. Thank you for reading and God Bless.

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